The Plague (English Version)

The Story
Date:19 Mar 2021
Duration:1 hour 15 minutes
Platform:HERMES Live Platform
Client:Hong Kong Arts Festival
Event Type:Art/Culture

Since the start of the pandemic, countries and regions across the global have gradually sealed off their border. Six people from six different countries form a collage of the world during this unprecedented pandemic. From the perspective of rats, we observe humankind; in the name of Camus, we record the contemporary world.

Key Impacts
  • Live online performance by actors from across six locations around the world, a chilling adaption of the literary existentialist classic in times of real-life global crisis.
  • Ticketing event – allow audience online to purchase tickets for joining the performance, credit-card payment is available.
  • Provide real-time audience analytics and report for client’s reference.

plague 01.png
plague 02.png
plague 03.png
plague 04.png