DrGo Never Give Up Live Concert

The Story
Date:24 Jul 2021
Duration:1 hour
Platform:HERMES Live Platfotm
Event Type:Concert

Anson Lo, Edan Lui and Ian Chan from Mirror has held their first live concert earlier in July Sponsored by DrGo. They performed superb singing and dancing which have brought audiences a delightful evening. Ond Click Go Live pleased to provide one-stop video solution for DrGo to ensure the professional quality and smoothness of this live concert.

Key Impacts
  • Provide one-stop video solution with customized login and event page: including logo replacement, login methods, enabling the clients to conveniently select their favourable colour themes, language versions, event pages and other functions.
  • Ensure the professional quality and smoothness with supporting high traffic viewership.
  • Promoting users to download DrGo's app to obtain a unique redemption code to access the live event page.

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