HKU Space - Open Space 2021

The Story
Date:05 Jun 2021
Duration:6 hours
Venue:HKU SPACE Admiralty Campus
Client:HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education
Event Type:Ceremony

During the keynote talk at the School’s Open Day this year, professionals share their insights on how digital currency and FinTech have changed and are continuing to change today’s business models, and the opportunities and challenges associated with innovative payment methods. Altogether, there are 30 talks covering topics as varied as market trends, the professions, wellness & health, languages, and culture in the virtual open day. 

Key Impacts
  • Provide on-site live video production and event management with multiple sessions.
  • Customised video layout embedded with speakers’ PowerPoint, topic flip and topic banner.
  • Transfer live signal to Zoom for dial-in speakers for their instant communication with on-site host.

hku open 01.png
hku open 02.png
hku open 03.png