HKBU 60th & 61st Commencement

The Story
Date:21 Nov 2020
Duration:1 hour 30 minutes
Venue:Hong Kong Baptist University
Platform:HERMES Live Platform & YouTube
Client:Hong Kong Baptist University
Event Type:Ceremony

In view of the volatilities of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is decided that the 60th and 61st Commencement ceremony will be conducted virtually. The event will be broadcasted online which enable virtual attendance by all 4,891 eligible graduates and their families. The live streaming from Hong Kong to mainland is beneficial for mainland students to access the live in their homeland without any restrictions.

Key Impacts
  • Provide a digital platform for students to participate their graduation ceremony virtually under the pandemic period.
  • Break the geographic barrier by video streaming the graduation ceremony for students in mainland to enjoy this precious moment of their own.
  • Facilitate the flexibility of events held by diverse academic institutions. Whether it is varied from tutoring centers, primary or secondary schools to universities, people can participate critical events at any time and enjoy seamless, high-quality, stable and smooth live streaming services.

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