Yellow! 野佬拾回音樂會

The Story
Date:18 Jan 2023
Duration:4 hours
Venue:MacPherson Stadium
Client:Show Bros
Event Type:Concert

Yellow! 10th Anniversary Concert, the band hopes to review with music fans the various growth experiences and changes in music and life in the past ten years. In addition to regaining the feeling of youthful blood, it will also make the fans present feel their progress.

Key Impacts
  • Simple and fast payment experience: ticketing event with support with credit card payment.
  • One-time password’s email authentication ensures authenticity and security.
  • Concurrent block to be enabled to prevent multiple logins with same purchased email.
  • Tailor-made event pages with concert key art and concert description.
  • Provides high quality and stable live streaming service for the music concert.

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