COP27 Race to Resilience (Asia event series)

The Story
Date:31 Oct 2022 - 04 Nov 2022
Duration:5 days
Platform:One Click Go Live Platform
Industry:Public Utility
Event Type:Forum/Webinar

Building up to COP27, the Race to Resilience Asia event series will bring together experts from across the region to share insights, showcase best practices and call for action on how to make our cities more resilient. Participating cities include Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Singapore.
From energy and water to transport and inclusive design, the event series takes a city systems approach to look at this urgent global challenge from a regional perspective and elaborate local insights and solutions.

Key Impacts
  • Campaign site development: including speakers bio, programme rundown, and watch now button to redirect YouTube channel.
  • Hold for 5 consecutive days event with different cities, like Singapore, Jakarta, KL, Manila, etc.
  • Receive SRT signal from outland: Cooperate with local production houses to receive signals and rebroadcast to One Click Go Live Platform.
  • Hong Kong Venue - Onsite Production: Support physical and zoom production management. Various streaming layout for online and onsite LED.

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