Encoders and Platform Subscription for CAIS
The Story
Date:2022 - NOW
Duration:Annual renewal
Venue:Christian Alliance International School of Hong Kong
Platform:One Click Go Live Platform
Region:Hong Kong
Client:Christian Alliance International School of Hong Kong
Event Type:Live Stream One-Stop Service

Christian Alliance International School (CAIS) is a non-profit, international school of 1,500+ students representing more than 25 nationalities based in Hong Kong. CAIS is a through-train school, providing a uniquely transformative educational experience for children aged from 5 to 17 at its preparatory, lower and upper primary and secondary sections. CAIS is committed to caring for students and helping them set clear goals through spiritual education, physical education, moral education and academic development, and nurturing their growth carefully. Provide students with a rich variety of co-curricular activities. Music, Sport, Drama and many other pursuits are available. Help young people to develop the plethora of skills required to be successful in the demanding world.

Key Impacts
  • Provide a one-stop service for school streaming, able to conduct a high-quality streaming event anytime, anywhere through One Click Go Live Platform.
  • Include whole Installation, Setup and Configuration for encoder.
  • Complete operator backend system with encoder management and event management. Allow to create the live streaming event anytime.
  • One Click Go Live Platform annual subscription with customized design setup.
  • Provide training and instruction for encoder and platform after installation.
  • Consultation on setup and streaming solution.
  • Other event services (e.g. Live video production, interview, video conference, etc) support per request
  • Potential for live streaming self-service to be widely applied in event streaming in the future.