MOOV Live Kay Tse

日期:29 Dec 2021
长度:1 hour 30 minutes
平台:HERMES Live Platform

The famous female singer Kay Tse took the stage after a few years and held a large-scale solo concert at the exhibition. She hopes to heal fans with music and bring positive energy to everyone through this MOOV Live. This time, MOOV cooperated with Bank of East Asia to launch an online ticket exchange program. One Click Go Live provides customers with an independent platform and passcode for distribution, allowing fans who cannot visit the venue to exchange tickets online and enjoy the same live experience as an online concert.

  • Provide professional video streaming technology, enables worldwide audiences to watch the superb performances of their favourite singer.
  • Instant live broadcast of the physical concert to the online audience.
  • Tailor-made login and event pages for client’s desire based on their branding.
  • Redemption codes generated for the client to distribute on promotion need.
  • Concurrent block to be enabled to prevent multiple logins with same passcodes.

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