Hong Kong Museum of Arts (HKMoA) Online Live Streaming: “Min Chiu Society at Sixty” – Honouring Tradition and Heritage

日期:11 Mar 2021
長度:2 hours
地點:Hong Kong Museum of Arts (HKMoA)
平台:HERMES Live Platform
客戶:Hong Kong Museum of Arts

Commemorating its 60th anniversary this year, the world-renowned Min Chiu Society, formed by a group of art collectors in Hong Kong, has been an important cultural force devoted to fostering intellectual exchange and collecting, studying and promoting Chinese art. Guided by its founding ethos - "an earnest pursuit of classic knowledge, with a passion for antiquity" - the Society's art collections are eclectic, ranging from Chinese paintings and calligraphy, ceramics, jade, glass, lacquer wares, carvings in bamboo and wood, furniture, textiles, snuff bottles as well as China Trade arts. This year, the Society has co-organised the exhibition "Honouring Tradition and Heritage: Min Chiu Society at Sixty" together with Hong Kong Museum of Art, showcasing over 300 works of art from the collections of Society members.
We are honoured that OCGL was entrusted by HKMoA once again to provide high quality and professional live streaming service for the virtual tour, to explore the stories behind the art works and to appreciate the artistic craftsmanship with the online audiences.

  • Provide a virtual art tour for audiences to simulate the perception of walking around the museum, utilizing multiple wireless cameras to present the masterpieces in the Renaissance period. Enhances the flexibility and mobility for audiences.
  • Possess Q&A section, over hundreds of questions have been raised in the live stream which has enriched the museum tour to be more informative and interactive.
  • Help the public to discover different perspectives towards art and enhances the ability of art appreciation.

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