the 53rd Congregation of Lingnan University

日期:24 Nov 2022
長度:1 day
地點:Lingnan University
平台:One Click Go Live Platform
地區:Worldwide and China
客戶:Lingnan University

The 53rd Congregation of Lingnan University is held on 24 November.
Apart from the degrees and honours that mark their years of endeavour and achievement, the graduates spent this precious time and joy of graduation with friends and family through online and offline means on this very special day.

  • No geographical restrictions, enjoy the event everywhere, anytime.
  • Customized video layout in between speakers’ PowerPoint, topic flip and topic banner
  • Provided tablet and 85’ TV on stage for student name’s announcement.
  • Video Production with 5 cameras, fully capture every student from multiple angles.
  • Broadcast to various places on campus, allowing parents of other students to participate in the event at the same time.

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