The Coming Era of Medicine, Health and Public Health

日期:12 May 2022
長度:2 hours
地點:HKUMed Building
平台:One Click Go Live Platform
地區:Worldwide and China
客戶:TLKS Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong

Medicine, health and public health go well beyond the people’s well-being with national security, economic and social implications. Despite their subtle differences, these concepts are interwoven with each other. Let us put into practice the ideas of Big Medicine, Big Health, Big Public Health and Population Health. Building an integrated, resilient and robust health system of health promotion, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation care to foster the quality development of the Chinese national medicine, health and public health.

  • Simultaneous interpretation in the multi-panel, given both Putonghua and English translations catering each participant’s needs.
  • Multiple value-added and tailored varied layout designs in live for speakers to join in and interact with other panelists virtually.
  • Customise event page layouts including sidebars, colours, fonts, backgrounds, agenda.
  • Possesses Q&A section for audiences to raise questions instantaneously during live.

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