New Student Orientation 2022 / Postgraduate Orientation 2022

日期:24 Aug 2022
長度:2 hours
地點:Lingnan University
平台:One Click Go Live Platform
地區:Worldwide and China
客戶:Lingnan University

Lingnan University offers face-to-face and online e-programmes for New Student Orientation 2022 and Postgraduate Orientation 2022 to provide the essential information and supporting network to new students.
Aims at helping students adjust to university life and build up the relationship network. Includes Welcome Address by the President, talks, library and campus introductions, connections with university staff, etc.

  • Due to the severe epidemic, some students were unable to participate in the freshman admission activities, and shared the joyful atmosphere of freshmen admission through online live broadcast.
  • No geographical restrictions, enjoy the event everywhere, anytime.
  • Customized video layout in between speakers’ PowerPoint, topic flip and topic banner.

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